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We believe that it’s possible to have a profitable web & digital agency that you love. You should easily attract clients that are happy to pay you and support your business. There’s a big gap in the education and training for web and digital agencies in what’s actualy working TODAY. #AGENCYPROS trust us because we know what works because we test it every day in own agency.

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Our Manifesto

Define new identity here! Create emotion and connection to the future-based cause. Explain your movement

Us vs. Them

Take your stand here. Summarize what makes you different and unique as compared to the other was people try and fail to get their intended result.

  • First Reason Why You are different
  • Second Reason Why You are different
  • Third Reason Why You are different
  • First rock thrown the alternative
  • Second rock thrown the alternative
  • Third rock thrown the alternative
Mike Schmidt Founder AgencyCoach

We’re Battling (Who / What you’re against)

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Address A False Belief

As it related to your movement, what false beliefs does someone have?  Address that here.


Credibility Stat A


Credibility Stat C


Credibility Stat C

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